Common Causes Of Hair Loss In Women

30 March; Author: Hair Extensions Australia

Common Causes Of Hair Loss In Women

Article by Caroline Bourke

What Causes Hair Loss in Women?Hair loss in women can be a daunting time. This can lower self esteem and create problems regarding depression and anxiety. So, what causes hair loss in women? What causes hair loss are a great many things which we sometimes take for granted in our everyday lives. Actually, hair loss is expected every day because of the normal growth cycle of hair. This growth cycle is every two to six years wherein the hair grows until such time that it reaches a rest period and then it dies off. It is because of this growth cycle that we shed hair daily. The number of hair strands we shed daily will depend on how many hair strands have reach their peak in their growth cycle. ChildbirthChildbirth is one of what causes hair loss in many women. When a woman gets pregnant, her hormones accommodate the baby and secrete more in order to meet the needs of both mother and unborn child. This influx of hormones is what gives expectant mothers their healthy glow and beautiful hair. When childbirth comes, there is no need to saturate the mother with hormones so the body reduces its production. This is what causes hair loss in women who have just given birth. Along with the lines of changing hormones, this is what causes hair loss in other women also. To be precise, hormonal imbalance is what causes hair loss sometimes. Hyperthyroidism, menopause and others are what cause hair loss for some other women. Hairstyle and Beauty Products What causes hair loss for some women can also be their hairstyle and hair care products. The pony tail hairstyle is one of the most common reasons for hair loss in women. The tight pressure on the hair follicles can irritate them and make them weak. This weakness makes some hair strands fall out and grow slowly. Hair care products and treatments might also be what cause hair loss because they can contain chemicals that can irritate the scalp resulting in a rash that can lead to hair loss. Genetics, Head Injuries, and OthersThese can also be what cause hair loss in both men and women. Some people are genetically predisposed to develop thinning hair or male pattern baldness (some women also have this!). Deep head wound can also eliminate hair shafts and follicles preventing regrowth of hair. Mental disorder can also encourage hair loss especially depression and anxiety. What causes hair loss can be varied and complex. If you suspect your hair loss as excessive do not hesitate to visit a doctor knowledgeable in this field.

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