Clip In Hair Extensions Tutorial

30 March; Author: Hair Extensions Australia

Clip In Hair Extensions Tutorial

Article by Peterson Andrews

Use of hair extensions is the best way to look different and to add beauty in the natural hair. Currently the trend of using hair extensions has increased and people all over the world are trying different types of hair extensions. There are different types of hair extensions that are made up of natural hair or synthetic hair. Although it is very easy to add hair extensions in the hair but few things must be kept in mind so that nobody would be able to detect them. You need to remove tangles from the hair as well as from the hair extensions beforehand. To clip in hair extensions first of all you have to divide the hair and clip the upper part of hair on the upper part of head. It is better to start adding hair extensions from the back so that they would not be visible to others. Some people prefer to clip in hair extensions from right to left side.

On the lower side clip four clipped hair extensions and put one layer of hair on the hair extensions down. Then again repeat the same procedure and add hair extensions after the layer of natural hair. On the upper side of head you can add two clipped hair extensions. Finally a small piece of hair extension is added below the ears and all hair are combed. Hair cream, hair gel or hair sprays can be used and the hair can be styled in any way.

After clipping in all hair extensions you can straighten or curl the hair. For curling the hair it is important that you must take the sections of hair including natural hair and curl them. It looks more natural and the hair extensions are mixed up with natural hair in a better way. If you are afraid that the clips of your hair extensions must not be visible then you can take a small portion of hair from the side and clip them at the back side. This will make sure that the clips of hair extensions are not visible to anybody.

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