Causes of hair loss &Think about it

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Causes of hair loss &Think about it

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Loosing hair is serious and off courses dangerous fort women. Although there are few times when hair loss is considered normal in women like after the baby born or during menopause, but still it is disturbing for women. Mostly women give importance to value, quality, style and color of hair. Hair became an important part of our life, how we feel about ourselves. Loosing hair days can affect self-esteem and cause to feel self-conscious. When a woman finds significant hair loss, she normally acts quickly to find out ways to take care of her loosing hair and restoring them to original quality and appearance.

The problem of loosing hair in women is increasing at high level. It is very common for many women to have some kind of hair loss. Data collected from different sources show us that one in every five women facing hair loss problem. This case is very similar to male hair loss. Men tend to lose hair from forehead and crown of their heads.

Seven causes of hair loss:An unbalanced diet orCrash dieting can cause it.Stress can cause hair loss.A serious bleeding or weakness can cause hair loss.Taking certain kinds of medicine also give side effect. Specially controlling high blood pressure Medicines.Using bad styling techniques such as blow-drying and heat styling also cause hair loss.Chemicals in hair colorants and in permanent waves can also cause hair loss.

It is off course a good thinking to your hair and to use sense when choosing a hairstyle.The three most common factors to female hair loss are:Genetics,Hormones andAge.Genetic predisposition for any type of baldness may be inherited from either parent. Hormones play a vital role in hair loss. Estrogen stimulates hair growth. Aging is considered as final factor in hair loss. During aging, hair becomes weak, unhealthy, and thin.

Normal causes of female hair loss can be stopped for some level. But many others cannot be. It is good thinking o identifies the problem of hair loss before taking any action or medicine, would be best. Some hair loss caused by simple changes in lifestyle, tries those first. If you find it is not working for you then you need to consider other options, there are many different hair loss treatments available, and many produce very good results.

Some tips about Hair LossDon’t overuse heated styling tools – all that straightening, waving and curling can worsen hair loss

Don’t treat or color your hair too frequently. This can cause the hair to break off near the scalp. While it won’t cause long-term hair loss, your tresses won’t benefit from too many treatments

Hair is most vulnerable when it’s wet and most likely to break off if you brush it during this time. Never brush wet hair; detangle it using a wide-toothed comb

You are what you eat – hair is made of protein, so it makes sense that this is key. Protein is predominantly found in meat and fish, pulses and Soya, so stock up on these key foods for healthier locks

Drinking plenty of water will cleanse the body of impurities, providing optimum conditions for cell growth and follicles to flourish.

Your hairdresser is the only person other than yourself who pays your hair regular attention. Make the most of your stylist’s expertise and ask him to monitor the growth and development of your hair at each appointment

Choose your style carefully – tying the hair back in tight ponytails and plaits puts extra stress on the root, which often exacerbates hair loss

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