causes of Female Hair Loss

30 March; Author: Hair Extensions Australia

causes of Female Hair Loss

Article by Brennan Howe

You can find umpteen reasons for Female hair loss. Above all you’ll want to know the causes for female hair loss in order that treatment can be undertaken in order to get rid of it. When female hair loss appears the women not only is physically embarrassed she additionally experiences mental stress and embarrassment. There’s tension and shame because hair increases the beauty of women. Soft, shiny locks cascading behind are a sure sign of delicate beauty and feminine seduction. A pretty face along with long, thick hair increases the beauty of a woman. When you see girls with long hair open, proudly showing off their mane a twinge of regret occurs for girls who don’t have long hair. There are lots of reasons for female hair loss.

Female hair loss can be of two kinds. The first is temporary that grows back naturally and the other is permanent hair loss. The explanations can differ from puberty to pregnancy and menopause. Also if there is any depression or bipolar disorder, this may result in female hair loss. Hormonal disturbances cause female hair loss. The DHT (Dihydro testosterone) reduces within the body that makes the hair follicles die thus causing female hair loss. Thyroid, diabetes, birth control pills, pre menstrual stress, imbalance nutrition levels in body, dieting to lose weight and look slim and thin are all reasons for female hair loss.

Female hair loss that comes about as a result of pregnancy and child birth can be rectified. The hair grows back on its own. Even after a short illness hair grows back. Typhoid can cause female hair loss. If correct care and attention is given later, it grows automatically. Anorexia, bulimia, lupus, polycystic ovary syndrome are all other causes for female hair loss. Prolonged illness, surgery, loss of a loved one are also reasons for female hair loss. Whenever a woman is under great strain the hair goes into a ?resting phase?. Once the phase passes, all hair fall at the same time causing female hair loss. It is indeed unexpected that women also have hereditary hair loss. Though uncommon it is one of the reasons for female hair loss.

Serious medical conditions like cancer can cause female hair loss. Chemotherapy that is used to cure cancer cause hair fall and women do go bald then. But at that time your interest is more in getting rid of cancer, a dreadful disease. Looks hardly matter. Diabetes a lifestyle disease also causes both male and female hair loss. The insulin level in your body lowers causing hair loss. An imbalanced body and mind can be reason for female hair loss.

Minoxidil and Tricomin spray help in treating female hair loss. These are frequently used and are safe products. Both these products are growth stimulant and help in hair growth. There are also natural female hair loss products using herbs and minerals to stop hair loss in women. Better to use products that do not have any unwanted side effects.

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