Can Extensions Be Attached To Really Short Hair?

30 March; Author: Hair Extensions Australia

Can Extensions Be Attached To Really Short Hair?

Article by Suzanne Greenfield

In short, the answer is yes but only with the right expertise and the right method. Hair extensions have been giving girls with short hair the long locks they’ve always wanted for years now and as they increase in popularity new styles and application techniques are appearing on the market. As well as being a lifesaver when it comes to a quick fix to lengthen short hair, hair extensions are also great for those looking to add volume and thickness to fine or thinning hair. Hair extensions can dramatically change any look and are ideal for those looking to try out a new hair colour without the use of damaging chemicals.

Hair extensions are great at transforming short hair into long flowing locks but some with short styles often worry about the application process. However, with careful application and the right type of hair, hair extensions can do wonders for short hair! Most people worry that it will be hard to conceal the extensions with short hair and this is where the right application method comes in. It is widely accepted that the most effective methods for applying extensions to short hair are heat fusion and gluing. However, in order to attach these sorts of extensions you will need to have enough hair for the extension to grip onto and be careful to attach too many heavy extensions.

One of the best ways to attach extensions to short hair is the fusion method. This is done at a professional salon and used heat and a polymer bond to attach the extension to your own hair. The extension hair is then fused with your own and lies flat against the head giving a smooth line. The bonds are attached near the roots and sealed when the extension specialist rolls it around your own hair. This is probably one of the safest and most durable methods of attaching hair extensions and the points of application are completed hidden if fitted correctly. This method is best for very short styles as the extensions are fitted in single strands and are undetectable to the eye.

If you have short hair that is a few inches long then the gluing method can be very effective. This method usually involves using a hair weft which resembles a curtain of hair. These need to be attached to clean, dry hair and usually start at the lower portion of the scalp. The wefts then continue up towards the top of the head. The wefts are glued into the hair with special glue and will give your hair natural movement.

Once the extensions have been fitted, the work does not stop there. In fact, the most difficult part of applying hair extensions to short hair is the blending process. It is essential with any extensions to make sure that they blend in with your natural hair but it is especially important to get the colour and style to blend in with short hair. Your stylist blend in any obvious joins by cutting layers in to your hair and making sure that all the lines are disguised.

When you have hair extensions applied to short hair, the key is to make them look as natural as your own hair. Extension techniques and hair types are developing all the time meaning that the results only get better. Hair extensions are perfect for changing your style dramatically, updating your look or simply providing you with the long, full hair that you’ve always wanted!

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