Buying the Correct Size Wig

30 March; Author: Hair Extensions Australia

Buying the Correct Size Wig

Article by Lynne Henderson

How do you know which size wig to buy when you are new to wigs? The different colours, sizes and cap contructions can be confusing when you have never had to think about buying a wig before. However, with just a little bit of knowledge, the sizes will be easier to understand.

The majority of wig wearers have average size heads. Around 90% – 95% of the wig wearing population will be an average fitting. An average wig is 22.5″ but most wigs are adjustable. All wigs have tabs at the back of the wig which allows the wig to be made slightly bigger or smaller. The tabs adjust by either sliding along (like a small bra strap) or they adjust with velcro. Either way of adjustment is good for tightening the wig firmly onto the head or for making the wig a little bigger.

The demand for a petite or large wig is quite low. Only approximately 5% of people have a petite sized head so manufacturers do not seem to create that many wigs in this size. However, there are are still lots of lovely petite wigs on the market. Some shops provide an wig altering service and an average wig can be made smaller to fit a petite head.

How do you find out what size wig will fit you? The size of the person doesn’t really give any indication as to the size of wig they will need. You really need to measure your head to be sure of getting the right size. To do this, use a soft tape measure. Measure around your hairline, above the ears and to the front of your forehead keeping the tape measure level with the hairline all the way around. An average measurement will be approximately 22.5 inches. A person needing a petite wig would measure around 21″ to 21.5″ If you measure 23″ you may need a large wig but it is always wise to try on an average wig just to be absolutely sure. The reason for this is that there are even less large wigs available than petite wigs. A normal average wig CAN stretch up to fit a large head but if it feels too tight, it can work it’s way off the head, so make sure that whatever wig you try feels comfortable.

Rarely, someone may measure larger than the largest wig fitting. The only way around this it to have a wig custom made which is hugely expensive. It would be the same for an untra petite fitting which could be anything under 21 inches. There are some children’s wigs on the market and it could well be worth trying one on if you have a very small head.

Go to a shop and try some wigs on. The shop may even measure you head for you and you will be able to try differnt size wigs to be sure of your fitting. Remember up to 95% of people wear an average wig so it may seem like a minefield but the chances are an average wig will fit you perfectly well!

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Lynne Henderson is a Wig Consultant from the UK

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