Best Hair Extensions for Fine Hair

22 June; Author: Hair Extensions Australia

Best Hair Extensions for Fine Hair

A lot of people ask us at Finesse Glamour Extensions (Hair Extensions London) for advice on the best extensions for fine hair but there are arguments for both methods (microrings and prebonded) and also against. The Pros and Cons of hair extensions for fine hair are discussed here.

Prebonded or bonded extensions are the longest  lasting hair extensions, even if we are talking about hair extensions for fine hair. This is because the grip that the keratin holds against the natural hair is by any other method. That is why keratin glue methods have been used for years and although the techniques and products get redeveloped and improved, the principle remains the most reliable. It can also be cost effective if you use good quality European Hair for your human hair extensions as your extensionist can then rebond them after three months and move them back up your hair.

However if you have very fine hair and wish the extensions to be invisible, ask your extensionist to position them lower down your head as if they are too far up, they may show from time to time. If you have fine ever have hair extensions applied to the very top of your head, around your crown or hairline, or parting!

Customers also commonly ask about microring extensions for fine hair.  It is true that they are very discreet although from time to time they can slip as the only thing holding on a microring is pressure from the ring being clamped shut so they are unlikely to be as strong as the prebonded, so depending on how well the rings stay on your hair, they may require maintenance to deal with any slippage. Again using good quality hair will mean that if any do slip they can always be reapplied and look brand new again.

Neither type of extensions will damage hair when applied by an experienced and qualified professional and it is simply a matter of preference as to which is best for you. If you would like to discuss your particular needs for hair extensions. Hair quality and texture is most commonly the important factor in ensuring that fine hair looks blended, giving you have natural looking hair extensions.

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