Before You Undergo Hair Restoration Surgery

30 March; Author: Hair Extensions Australia

Before You Undergo Hair Restoration Surgery

For years, you have endured raised eyebrows and scrutinizing stares when people see your balding head. You may have resorted to wearing all sorts of ball caps or scarves, just to keep people from noticing your progressive loss of hair. The stuff you bought from the infomercial didn’t grow any hair either, and your confidence is shattered.

Today, things will change. You have finally decided to consider a hair restoration procedure as a solution to your hair loss problem. The decision to undergo hair restoration is a life-changing one. You must think over your options carefully. Also, you need be guided by a hair loss specialist who has the expertise and experience to help you make the right decision. Ultimately, this will determine your level of satisfaction after the procedure.

Here are the questions you should ask before undergoing hair restoration surgery:

Are your expectations realistic?

While the techniques of hair transplantation are nearing perfection, you should realize that hair transplantation is not for everybody. You don’t actually grow new hair when you undergo the procedure. Instead, hair from healthy regions of your scalp (the donor site) is transplanted to your scalp’s balding areas (the recipient site). You have to wait 2 months for the transplanted hair to grow normally, and 6 months for it to look natural.

Hence, the amount and quality of your remaining hair and your age will determine the results that you may expect from the surgery. An honest hair specialist will take the time to explain this to you, and not just push you into getting the transplant. Otherwise, you might end up paying for a procedure, whose results you are unhappy with.

Is your hair specialist an expert in the field?

“Any physician even with basic training can successfully transplant hair and make it grow,” says Legacy Hair Center CEO Ronnie Talent. “But to make it aesthetically pleasing, and undetectable requires artistry only those with advanced training can attain.”

In contrast to emergencies such as a ruptured appendix or a broken bone, you have the luxury of time to choose the doctor who will perform your hair transplant. Do not hesitate to ask for your hair specialist’s qualifications. You should be aware that non-surgeons and even non-doctors may legally perform the procedure. However, only the finest of hands and in-depth knowledge of facial aesthetics will give you the outstanding results you need.

Are you getting your money’s worth?

Hair restoration and hair replacement centers employ various strategies to market their services nationwide. Some use full-scale TV and magazine advertisements, while others rely on word of mouth. As such, the cost of hair transplantation varies considerably with each center. Your decision to pick one hair loss center over the other should not be influenced by price alone. There are cheap hair loss options out there, but will you be satisfied with the results? You may be able to save money now, but then regret the decision later when you decide to have an unsatisfactory hair transplant corrected.

“Much of the work we do is corrective” Talent claims.” Many doctors make the hairline too dramatic, and don’t use common sense. A 45 year old man will not look normal with a 17 year old’s hairline.”

By working well with your trusted hair specialist, you can expect hair transplantation to bring back the vitality that you have once lost. It’s time to throw away your scarves and ball caps. Today is the beginning of the rest of your life.

The Legacy Hair Center specializes in the latest hair restoration and hair replacement options for both men and women. You don’t have to suffer from hair loss. Visit the center in Charlotte, North Carolina and be among the thousands of people that Legacy has helped reach their hair restoration goals.

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