Basic Info on Hair Extensions

21 October; Author: Hair Extensions Australia

Basic Info on Hair Extensions

Article by Peterson Andrews

Hair extensions are the quickest and easiest way for women and men to add that extra oomph element to hairstyles without going to the salon frequently. Extensions add the desired volume and length without damaging natural hair with harmful chemical treatments and products. Hair extensions are applied in various ways such as clip-ons, braided, bonded, glued etc. They can be applied professionally but more so can be conveniently applied at home. No matter where or who you get your hair extensions from, you must make sure that you do your research properly or you might just end up with a disaster similar to Britney Spear’s hair in her meltdown days. Hence, a thorough research is required for hair extensions as well.

Hair extensions are either made with synthetic hair or natural human hair. Human hair is most commonly used as it looks highly natural due to the human fibers used in its making. However, human hair extensions are highly priced due to their quality and outlook. Synthetic hair are not as competitive when it comes to looking natural yet if they are made of good quality fibers, they certainly create the desired look without looking trashy. The important thing for synthetic hair extensions is to account to their quality level and care. For example, if it has a cheap quality, you must not use heating products like blow dryers or flat irons as such tools tends to melt the fibers and consequently damage the extensions. Some synthetic fibers such as mono-fibers and thermo fibers are strong enough styling with heat but without overheating. A notable fact for all extensions is that you must wash, condition, and moisturize them on daily basis to retain the shine of the hair.

The application and color choice of the hair extensions is part of utmost importance. Poorly applied extensions not only look artificial, they tend to ruin your look. If you wish to apply extensions at home, it is best to opt for clip-on extensions. Clip-on extensions are fabulous as long as the hair quality is good. Getting hair extensions braided or glued in are best done professionally as they would be neatly done and hence would be stronger and simply last longer. While hair extensions can be reused, natural hair is expected to grow out and thereby, you have to reapply the extensions after approximately 4-6 months depending on subjective hair growth rates.

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