Autologous hair transplantation procedure analysis

18 September; Author: Hair Extensions Australia

Autologous hair transplantation procedure analysis

Autologous hair transplantation results are satisfactory, by the beauty of the favorite. However, in patients receiving autologous hair transplantation before the age of autologous hair transplantation requires a detailed understanding of the operation. Then, autologous hair transplantation procedure, what does?

A hair hospital ‘s experts said that since the use of body hair transplantation is the transplantation of autologous hair follicle, so after any rejection, is the ideal hair method. Autologous hair transplantation procedures are:

1 Hair Design: First of all autologous hair transplant hair line and the overall design of parts of the hair transplant. Measured in the post-occipital measuring the density of the hair, according to the number of hair per square centimeter, calculate the area of the extracted hair follicle tissue.

2, extraction clean scalp hair follicles: physicians in the post-occipital local anesthetic injection, extraction transplant hair follicles.


3, isolated hair follicles: this part of the most critical and most difficult, is still handled manually, experts advise removing the skin vital fixture after Zhu Zhu must be isolated from a hair follicle unit. The shorter the separation time hair follicle transplant survival after the higher skills need fine to avoid damage to the hair follicles in the separation, hair transplant surgery costs and the area of transplantation have a certain relationship.

Automatic device to speed up hair hair rate, hair has been the goal of academic expectations, but cut down the size of the machine fixed, and often will hurt the hair follicles, but can not separate the natural follicular unit. So in order to get a better hair effects, is still the way artificial separation of the hair follicle.

4, the implantation of the scalp hair follicles: this is very harmful to the eyes and the doctor must first frontal balding areas for micro incision, and then one a hair implant. Is still the highest survival rate of artificial implants, the density is best, which requires considerable technical, kind of bad can not remedy.

The automatic hair machine, is that many physicians dream of hair, but hair follicular unit is made automatic segmentation, the hair follicle damage rate of about thirty per cent, the hair will cause death, is currently not a viable approach. Therefore, hair, or to rely on the current labor-intensive operations, costs and the number of transplants have a certain relationship.

5, the postoperative care: hair transplantation of autologous go home immediately after, without dressing, 24 hours after surgery can be cold water rinse your hair, 4 days to the normal shampoo, 10 days after the removal of occipital joint line.

Autologous hair transplantation hair after being implanted into the resting stage, wait for 2 to 3 months will start to grow new hair, normal hair is implanted in the physiological characteristics of the growth will be permanent, not subject to the male hormone metabolism. Successful autologous hair transplantation, hair follicles may be higher than 95% survival rate, because for AGA patients, each hair is very valuable, can not withstand the wear and tear easily.

Autologous hair transplantation procedure, what does? We believe that through the introduction of autologous hair transplantation with a detailed understanding of the steps, autologous hair transplantation results are satisfactory, but we also need a correct understanding of autologous hair transplantation, in order to ensure the smooth conduct of surgical procedures.

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