Argan Oil For Hair – Hair Care Product Receiving Rave Reviews

4 April; Author: Hair Extensions Australia

Argan Oil For Hair – Hair Care Product Receiving Rave Reviews

Article by Terry Glass

Hair stylists are being inundated with requests from their clients for the latest new hair product to hit the open market known as Argan Oil. Argan Oil comes from the Moroccan Argan Tree where the nuts and flowers of the tree are pressed to release pure Argan Oil.

Organic Argan Oil is full of Omega 3 and 9 unsaturated fatty acids with a boost of Vitamin E, ingredients well known for hair nourishment. The oil is worked through the hair and is quickly absorbed by each hair strand without leaving any oily residue.

New hair styles for women Senior Hair Stylist Jacki says, “Our clients are amazed when we provide a hair treatment using Argan Oil. The oil nourishes the hair strands and follicles locking in moisture and smoothing the cells of the sheath of each hair strand. The end result is nourished, hydrated hair that stops frizziness and tangles in their tracks”.

Most suitable applications of Argan Oil for hair cost less then fifty dollars and a small amount of oil goes a long way, especially with those supporting long hair styles. As an organic product, Argan Oil is safe for all types of hair and will nourish the skin when it comes in contact.

Argan Oil is especially useful for hair that is often straightened as the heat from the straightener or blow dryer will dry out single hair strands. As the outer sheath is smoothed locking in nourishment and moisture, Argan Oil is especially beneficial for coloured hair as the hair dye is locked in meaning a longer lasting colour.

Unknown to many is that Argan Oil often forms a main ingredient in anti-wrinkle creams as the oil nourishes the skin reducing blemishes and wrinkles. This is done by the natural ingredients rehydrating the cells and locking in moisture.

Jacki says, “We always recommend to our clients never to wipe their hands on a towel to remove any residue. We recommend that they rub the residue oil onto the back of their hands and into their face for an instant beauty treatment”.

Now the secret of the major world renowned hair stylists is out in the open and Argan Oil is readily available for everyone to use. This simple naturally occurring organic hair treatment is changing the frustration for women having to deal with frizziness, tangled and bad hair days.

Next time you visit your salon, ask your hair stylist for an Argan Oil hair treatment. Watch to your amazement the immediate transformation of your hair with one treatment and your friends will be asking you for your secret.

Argan Oil is an organic natural product that has been declared a must have product in treating tangled, frizzy, under nourished and lifeless hair. With one application hair stylists are now stocking Argan Oil for their clients.

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