Answers about female hair loss which I would like to ask you

10 September; Author: Hair Extensions Australia

Answers about female hair loss which I would like to ask you

[title]How do I stop dandruff and hair falling out?[/title]


How do I stop dandruff and hair falling out?


I have been using head and shoulders for around two months but it does absolutely nothing. How do I get rid of dandruff???? Theres so much and its like chinky. And my hair is falling out i dont know why in the shower like 20 hairs fall out. happens to me all the time i heard u lose like 100 hairs a day or something like that… but as for the head and shoulders… hmmm…


My bangs seem to get thinner and hair falling out?


lately i’ve noticed that my bangs are much thinner and i don’t like it. also my hair has been falling out a lot faster (which is probably why my bangs are thinner). i’m only 15 so it’s really weird. what should i do?


Go and see your doctor and ask for a blood test to check your iron levels, this is especially true if you have heavy periods, or do not eat a balanced diet. Stress can also be a contributing factor, but anaemia is quite common in teenage girls. Make sure you eat a balanced diet, the type of iron most easily absorbed is haem iron, this is found in meat products, especially red meat. If you are a vegetarian you can still get iron from lots of sources, especially pulses and lentils, spinach tc, but it is not as easy for the body to absorb. When eating iron foods have a glass of orange juice to aid absorption.Check that you are not using too many heat products on your hair.The number one source of hair falling in teenage girls (aside from giving birth) is anaemia, so it may be worth a trip to the doctor.


dont put no chemicals in ur hair juss wash it 2 times a day n u will see the results later.That is exactly what is happening to my hair except for the bang part and im 14 but i suggest yoou get a trim or a hair cut to get rid of the weak hairs or again as i said trim it or change the shampoo i suggest using head and shoulders it really good for your scalp and hair .dont wash it 2 times a day!!! thats suicide for your hair. if its falling out, try not to wash it for 2 days or longer!


Does anyone know what to do when your hair is falling out?


My hair falls out from time to time, but i get tired everytime it happens and i have heard quite a few people say use honey mixed with beer. and some say use guacamole. any one know a home remedy for this problem.Hair may start falling if there’s a lot of build-up on the scalp. So using a deep cleansing shampoo that’s meant for removing build-up, once a week, might help. You can try a cider vinegar rinse as well. Mix 1 tbs of the vinegar with 1 cup water and rinse hair with it after shampoo. Leave on for a couple of minutes and wash off. Vinegar has great cleansing properties and does wonders for the scalp if used at least once a month.



it may sound dumb, but trim your hair. my hair falls out regularly, by the chunk. every time i trim my hair it stops almost hair falls out more then i think it should!! Everytime im in the shower (which is everyday) my hair comes out in hand fulls!! which cannot be good! I have heard of guacamole remedy! But never beer and honey!!Instead of finding “at-home” solutions, have you tried to figure out what is making your hair fall out? Sometimes over-washing your hair can cause it to fall out. Using products that are too harsh for your hair can also make youyr hair fall out. Use a brush or a pick with soft teeth. Don’t wash your hair every day. Small changes like this can help keep your hair.


If you aren’t pressing in the years, and there is no family history of female pattern baldness, then most likely your culprit for your hair falling out is that you are killing it. Dyeing or bleaching your hair alot is very harmful to it, so is excessive blow drying. And I know you ladies are going to want to lynch me for saying this, but washing your hair everyday also is very bad for your hair. It strips your hair of the natural oils and most conditioners do not replace them.


Hi.Here is what I have been doing and it works great and it is as simple as this,just put some olive oil at the roots of your hair and message it for a minute and leave it for half an hour then wash,do it twice a week and you will see your hair growing back again.this may not be a home remedy situation. if the genetics are there then you may have that to deal with. a possible scenario may be a hormonal imbalance. could be a thyroid problem? you would need to get tested for hypothyroidism. i myself have this and go through patterns of losing hair for a time and then it comes back when the medication and your body are back in balance. thyroid meds can help with this but i only say this for this specifcation condition. you need to visit a doctor to get a blood test. thyroid conditions have a lot of potential side effects so don’t think that you may have this unless you are tested. need to find a good doc who is up to date on thryoid issues.


What vitamins/minerals or foods will stop my hair from falling out so much?!!?


Recently, I have lost a lot of weight and some people have felt that I have lost it too fast and I have been told by my doc that I am slightly anemic and my thyroid has slowed way down. Now my hair falls out to no end and I am wondering what can be taken or eaten, anything at all that will help me keep my hair from falling out and being so dry and brittle. Please help?Biotin is an excellent supplement for the hair. Most stores carry it. I also have a thyroid problem and suffered from hair loss until I began taking this on a daily basis in addition to my thyroid can buy books that have all of these natural ingredient shampoos for your hair, all you have to do is mix the ingredients together. (its really easy to make)


Sometimes, as in times of intense stress or trauma, the process of hair loss is suddenly accelerated. Stress or worry is recognized as one of the main factors in causing dull, lifeless hair. Well balanced meals are essential towards maintaining natural hair growth. Vitamin B6, Calcium and Biotin should be taken care in your diet supplements.


Is there a shampoo or hair product that can help keep hair from falling out?


My hair falls out a lot, and it didn’t really used to bother me, because I always had thick hair, but now it actually is starting to look like I might be getting a bald spot, so is there anything I can do to make it stop?Look for a product that contains a blend of botanicals known for nourishing skin, hair and nails, as well as providing nutritional support for important body functions. A key ingredient is Horsetail, an herb used traditionally since ancient Roman and Greek times, and prized by Asian and North American Indian cultures for its reguvenating properties.


There is a good product that i use for myself and works miraculously. The active ingredient in the formula which includes Saw Palmetto and Nettle Root extract works by stopping the production of dihydrotestosterone (DHT.) Therefore, no more balding process.


Apart from that the other natural ingredient that we always lack in todays diet such as vitamin B6, biotin and magnesium, helps maintaining a healthy hair. The bonus ingredient available in the formula is the Siberian ginseng also known as eleuthero. It contains the ever important antioxidant and also helps body deal with stress, which again is a major factor of balding.

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