All Your Hair Extensions Questions Answered

9 August; Author: Hair Extensions Australia

All Your Hair Extensions Questions Answered


Having hair extensions fitted is an exciting time but if you’ve never had them done before there are bound to be a few questions that you will want to ask. There are so many hair extension horror stories doing the rounds that it really is enough to put some people off, but the thing that all these stories have in common is bad or inexperienced hair extensions stylists. Hair extensions can be damaging to the natural hair and scalp if fitted incorrectly, this is why it is so important to always visit a reputable salon and make sure the stylist doing the extensions if highly qualified and experienced.


Inanch London is the home to stylist to the stars Inanch Emir. Her career spans over 12 years and her work has won her numerous prestigious awards and many column inches. Inanch London only uses the highest quality hair extension systems and with Inanch’s expertise the results are quite simply amazing. Clients step into the salon with short, flat or even thinning hair and leave with a brand new head of bouncy, glossy, long hair that look completely natural and completely fabulous.


When you enquire about having hair extensions fitted you should always go through a complimentary consultation period before the application process begins. If the salon does not offer this service, take your business elsewhere. The consultation period is your opportunity to ask as many questions as you like and get as much information from the stylist as you can. Expect the stylist to cover colour matching, length, price, maintenance guidelines, styling tips and to ask you lots of questions about your lifestyle and your requirements to make sure that the extensions will fit into your life easily.


Here are a few of the most asked questions answered to help you make an informed decision about having Great Lengths hair extensions:


Are Great Lengths suitable for everyone?


Great Lengths are a cosmetic procedure that can be carried out almost everyone. However, it is important that your hair is healthy and is at least 2 to 3 inches long so that the bonds can be attached comfortably. You also need a certain amount of hair so that the bonds are not detectable.


Why are human hair extensions better than synthetic?


Synthetic hair can often look and feel fake. The real human hair used in Great Lengths hair extensions looks and behaves like your own hair so no-one need know that your new long locks aren’t natural. Great Lengths hair extensions can also be coloured, permed, tonged, straightened and blow-dried just as you would your own hair. As the hair is natural is will also withstand any busy lifestyle and you can still enjoy some of your favourite leisure activities.


Will hair extensions damage my hair?


The short answer is no. The Great Lengths system has been designed by experts to ensure that the bonds will not damage the hair. These special patented bonds are v-shaped and made of a special blend of polymers that imitate the molecular structure of your own hair. If the extensions are fitted and maintained in the correct way then there should be no damage at all to your hair.


How long can I expect my extensions to last?


If properly maintained and regularly checked, the extensions can last up to 6 months. Using the specialised Great Lengths aftercare products will prolong the life of your extensions.


How do I look after my extensions?


The stylist who attached your extensions should talk you through all the after care tips and it is essential that you follow them if you want your hair to look great for as long as possible. You should also be offered a free maintenance check 3-4 weeks later to check everything is ok.


How much will my extensions cost?


Hair extensions can cost anywhere between £150 and £1,500 depending on what you want. You will be given an exact price during the consultation period and the price will depend on the quantity and length of the hair you choose.


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