All You Need To Know About Hair Extensions.

29 October; Author: Hair Extensions Australia

All You Need To Know About Hair Extensions.

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Once you have made the decision to have hair extensions put in, you want them to last for as long of possible. Extensions require maintenance and looking after. You should not get hair extensions thinking that they will make styling your hair easier. They need to be conditioned, brushed gently and often requite styling. You need to be aware that you will have to put some time into looking after your extensions in order to get the very best out of them. There are a few things you need to be aware when considering hair extensions. You may find it a little difficult to sleep as you will not be used to feeling the bonds as you sleep. But it will not always be like this and you will get used to it and after a few days will not even know they are in. They may also itch a little for a few days. The itching tends to be just above the nape of your neck and around the crown as these are the most sensitive areas of your scalp. Again, it will not always be like this. You must remember that you have more than likely double the amount of hair on your head both in thickness and length, therefore you cannot expect to get used to it straight away.

You should be aware that hair will shed, more so during the first 2 weeks or so. This is the hair that sheds is the hair that has not been caught up in the glue properly. If some of your extensions do fall out then you may notice parts of your own hair coming out with the root attached. Do not be worried as this is only the hair that has not been able to escape the glue bond which you would have shed naturally. Remember that we shed around 100 of our own hair per day naturally and because of the extensions these are not able to fall out.

You may lose some bonds during the time that your extensions are in. Do not worry as this is normal. Each case is different but normally you should expect to lose around 1-10 bonds, some lose slightly more and others lose none at all.

It is recommended that you use the hair extension shampoo and conditioner that is recommended by your stylist. These products help to prolong the lifespan of your extensions. Most high-street shampoos contain silicon which is not good for the extensions and can slowly soften and break down the bonds causing the extensions to fall out.

Try using a rinse-out reconstructive conditioner as the extension hair will get dry and damaged if not treated. The hair is not attached to your scalp and will therefore not get the same vitamins and nutrients that your own hair will get. Always avoid getting the conditioner away from the bonded root as any conditioner will cause the bonds to soften.

Leave-in conditioners are a great way of boosting the condition of your hair and the extension hair. You should still be careful to avoid the bonded area.

You should only use a specially designed hair extension brush in the extensions as this is designed to brush through the hair taking with it any loose hairs. You should aim to brush your hair at least once a day but no more than 2 or 3 times as the more you brush, the more the hair will shed.

Finally, enjoy your new look and experiment with a variety of new styles all courtesy of your new flowing locks! For more information visit the Inanch website by clicking here.

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