All the Facts You Need For Hair Extensions

2 July; Author: Hair Extensions Australia

All the Facts You Need For Hair Extensions

Article by Helen Cox

Wrongly dismissed as a fad in the 1980’s, hair extensions are now back and they are back to stay. They make up one of the biggest hair trends within celebrities and we are seeing more celebrities than ever before sporting this hair trend. It is because of this that the demand for hair extensions by members of the public have been dramatically on the increase.

From time to time we all want a change of hair style and as with the latest fashion trends; many of us want the latest hair styles, which at the moment is most defiantly hair extensions.

Around half of all the UK’s 31,000 salons offer the service of having hair extensions applied. This is a 50% rise since 2002; the sad fact about this though is that hairdressers can charge hundreds of pounds to fit extensions to your hair but they don’t legally require training to do it. It is because of facts like this that in recent news you have been hearing horror stories revolved around hair extensions causing damage to natural hair. Sadly the amount of people visiting salons after having dodgy hair extensions applied is on the increase and in these cases the hair extensions have caused damage to natural hair but please remember it’s not the actual extensions that have caused this damage it’s the technique that has been used to apply the extensions that has caused this damage. If you have gone to a salon that aren’t trained in the application and removal you are putting yourself at risk of having extensions ruin your natural hair. If you want hair extensions applied you must go to an accredited salon that can prove that they are specially trained in the application and removal as well as having a good history of applying and removing extensions.

As long as the stylist you use to apply and remove your extensions has been educated in how to use the extensions in the correct way and you have been fully informed in all of the maintenance that is involved then there will be no problems when you have your extensions applied and removed. Hair extensions are perfectly safe and should cause no damage as long as you choose the right salon and stylist to have them applied and removed. So forget the horror stories that you have heard and instead start your research into what salons and stylists have a good background in extensions.

Hair extensions can be used as a way of curling your hair, adding texture, length and volume. Basically they can be used in anyway that makes your hairstyle a little more exciting. You can get your extensions to not only fit your hair style but to also fit your personality. The extension industry is now worth £65 million a year in the UK alone and this comes as no surprise with how many people are now having hair extensions applied.

If you are hoping to have extensions applied make sure that you go to a salon that you trust and make sure that you have a consultation with your stylist before having any work done on your hair.

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