All about Hair color mistakes

30 March; Author: Hair Extensions Australia

All about Hair color mistakes

Article by Galena karsson

Summary-We all want to look different for various occasions and along with clothes, hair is the next thing which can add spark in one’s appearance. But unfortunately we are so excited, that we make some of the petite mistakes, which may have a negative impact on our hair. Read on to find out the mistakes one may perform while having his/ her hair colored.Introduction-Hair loss afflicts thousands of men and women all over the globe, which leaves them insecure and embarrassed. Normally an individual loses 50- 100 strands of hair in a day. Hair loss is not only related to ageing, but even hair straightening, hair color may lead to damaging of hair. Hair is the most mystifying condition which worries almost every man and woman. People consider their hair as an important asset and identity. And why not, it is the matter of self esteem. But unfortunately where comes; hair there follows hair fall too. Problem related to hair increase with improper food intake, excessive straightening, and use of colors. Everybody wishes to remain updated and hair is the best way to play with. It is good to remain updated with the latest trends that are making rounds in the city as far is hair colors or hair straightening patterns are concerned. Unknowingly jumping into these aspects not only affects one’s hair, but also hampers the individual’s self esteem.Find below some of the most common mistakes committed by individuals while hair coloring.Common hair color mistakes-i. Going by the cover- We all wish to have hair just like the one’s shown on advertisements or the packs of the hair color products. The image may be appealing, but before you fall for the hair color and use it. It is important to check the kind of hair type you bear and the skin type you possess.ii. Applying hair color without a test- As a proverb rightly says prevention is better than cure. Hair loss and hair problems can be cured, but why wait for such occasion to arise. The best way before going for applying hair color is to get the color tested on a skin patch. If it suits you, then you may go ahead, but if it doesn’t, then you may opt for some skin friendly or natural hair color.iii. Conditioned hair can lead to better color penetration- It’s a myth. Infact conditioned hair before applying hair color will smoothen the cuticle and in turn it will not allow much of the color to penetrate into the hair. This will not only waste your time and energy, but in the end the outcome of the color would be very poor.iv. Coloring your hair without protecting skin and clothes- If you are coloring hair on your own, it is important to protect your skin and your clothes. You can buy new clothes, but what about your skin? Hair color that falls on the skin and clothes are difficult to get rid of. In such an instance, the best way is to keep a towel on your shoulder. This will save the skin as well as your clothes.v. Keep hair color for long- Keeping hair color for long and thinking that it is most effective after when used latter is not an effective way, but a hair damaging technique. It is important to check for the expiry date and only then use it.

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