Add Length And Style With Hair Extensions

25 September; Author: Hair Extensions Australia

Add Length And Style With Hair Extensions

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When you shop for extensions you have several options. First you can buy bulk hair. Bulk hair is made up of loose strands in a variety of lengths. You take this hair to your weaveologist to get it attached to your natural hair. Falls are another type of wigs extension that you can buy.

There are several ways to attach extensions to your natural hair. The first way is to use a stand by strand method. This method usually will last about 6 months before it will need to be redone. If you don’t want the extensions to last this long you can use alternative attachment methods like: net weaves, the Malaysian technique, Keratene bonding, sew-in or bonding.

These are the easiest to apply and remove. This type of hairstyle extension comes as a pony tail or attached to a hair comb. To attach these extensions your simply tie it to your own hair or insert the hair comb into your hair where you want add fullness.

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Wigs extensions are a great option for people who have short hair to quickly add length to their hair for a special event. Extensions come in a variety of types including bulk hair, yarn, plastic, falls and CyberLox. If you select a synthetic hair then you will probably getting hair made from Kanekalon or Toyokalon. For the best look you should use human hair, however, if you can’t afford human hair extensions then there are several high quality synthetic extensions available.

There are many considerations to take into account when it comes to getting them and there are also numerous questions that people hold about them such as what they will look and feel like; well whether you have human hair or synthetic they are expertly matched to your own hair and colour and are applied so that you wont see any ridges or kinks where they are attached to your own hair. They will most likely not look or feel different from your natural hair and no one should be able to tell you are even wearing them due to the extensions being matched to your own curly hair weaves colour.

Clip in hair extensions first made an appearance in the 2011s but were soon dismissed as a fade but now it seems they are back and this time they are here to stay.

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