A hair full of colors

30 March; Author: Hair Extensions Australia

A hair full of colors

Article by Louise Jones

We all know that colors can change the world. And in case of hair colors it sometimes works like miracles. Coloring the hair had become a common fact these days. When we color our hair our total appearance is changed. Therefore it is evident a fact that the color of our hair has a lot to do with our appearance. And these days changing the hair color has become a child’s play. You can change your hair color any time you want. And even you need not go for a hair expert for that. And this can easily be done at home by yourself. The fact is that the various home hair color kits available in the market has made it so easy to use hair colors that coloring the hair has remained no problem at all.

The question may now arise that is it safe to use hair colors? Or is their any chance of hair damage by using hair colors? To answer this question is not so easy. It is true that most of the hair color products available in the market claim to have no side effects, still dermatologists and hair experts have the idea that coloring your hair may cause side effects. And this is quite natural. When you are using a hair color your hair and skin are coming to the direct of some chemicals. Now it is not a matter of astonishment that it may cause reactions. Sometimes it is often noticed that a person is having allergic reactions after using a hair color. The most common allergic reactions are dermatitis of the eyes, ears, scalp and face. This may further result in rash, swelling and a burning sensation in the scalp. Therefore hair experts always recommend to have a patch test before coloring the hair. This is done to see whether the skin is having any allergic reactions by the chemicals present in the hair color. Sometimes some hair colors contain high allergic substances. Therefore, a patch test is very much essential before coloring the hair. A patch test is actually the process of applying a small amount of color to a particular part of the hair, generally done behind the ears, to find out if the skin is having any allergic reactions with the color. If no such reaction is noticed then it is safe to use that hair color.

Now when you have done the patch test with a color you are now ready to use that color. But some other problems that may arise in relation to hair colors is that if used in excessive rate it may cause hair damage and even result in causing hair fall. Therefore precaution should always be taken before dealing with colors. But unprotected use may cause severe damage. Though minor reactions such as slight burning, itching or minor swelling can be treated by using antihistamines or steroid shampoo. But if the reaction is in larger scale it may cause serious problems. In that case a dermatologist should be consulted immediately or else it may result into more serious problems.

Thus safety precautions should always be maintained before using such chemicals. But by this we must not think that hair colors only does damage to our hair. Hair colors are often helpful some times. We should keep in mind the good effects of hair color also. The color used on the hair forms a layer on the hair and forms a protective barrier against hair breakage and damaging elements from outside.

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