A Blonde Wig Doesn’t have to Look Like Straw Anymore

30 March; Author: Hair Extensions Australia

A Blonde Wig Doesn’t have to Look Like Straw Anymore

Article by Kaila West

It’s that time of year again! It’s time to start contemplating how to dress up for that all-important event, Halloween. Halloween has become a holiday that’s just as important to the adults as to the kids. Adults race to get just the right outfit from head to toe, and this usually includes a hat or a wig. Wigs have gone up in quality lately for those of us just needing an occasional lift. No longer are they the crummy, stringy, badly colored Halloween hair you find at a large discount store. That certain blonde wig, historical wigs and even wigs to make you look like a stylish part of any era are now available and easy to obtain.

It has been a few decades since wigs have been commonly seen on the street, but they have recently become a fashion statement in and of themselves again. Maybe you need a blonde wig for you and your friends to complete a look before going to a club. Maybe you need to temporarily lengthen your hair. Some bridal parties are beginning to buy trendy little hairpieces just to complete a uniform look and add a little zest to the look of the girls. And of course, there are times when you just need to look like one specific character. The right blonde wig can set off all types of costumes; teen costumes, plus size adult costumes and even infant costumes.

If you’ve ever had these situations occur at a time when those Halloween stores weren’t open, you know how hard it can be to track down something that won’t break your bank. Even going to a theatrical costume rental store can be frustrating and expensive. Plus, many of them won’t rent wigs. But now you’re in luck. There are internet vendors that can ship to you year-round. You can see the quality of these wigs from their pictures even though they aren’t meant to be worn every single day like wigs custom-designed for, say, cancer patients are. They nonetheless show their fullness and sheen very clearly in the pictures. Gone are the days when the only costume wigs available to those of us not involved in show biz ended up looking like Halloween cobwebs. A blonde wig, for instance, no longer has to come in that brassy platinum blonde color. You can find as many shades of blonde in a wig as there are shades of blonde in natural human hair.

School and community theatre groups are especially grateful for this increase in quality. We’ve all been to high school productions where the wig on the actor looked like a dead animal. But it’s notoriously hard to find something that looks decent on such a young person. Now you can find both wigs and other hair pieces that actually complement the look of a young person, and the wigs come in both child and adult sizes. Furthermore, they don’t always have to be used just to make a young actor look older. For instance, there is a blonde wig that approximates the look of the character Sandy from the musical, Grease. There are wigs that come in two lengths of the basic same type just to show the passing of years in a certain character.

Whether you need a blonde wig, a brunette wig, red-headed, spiked, scissor cut, long, short, braided, theatrical-you name it, wigs are on a comeback and are as much fun to shop for as they are to buy. It is terrific just how many looks can be accomplished with affordability once you no longer have to resort to wigs made of human hair, and you no longer have to settle for wigs that are seemingly made of hemp! Whether it’s a party, a play, a character position or Halloween, bring it on!

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