6 Products Needed For Lace Wigs

30 March; Author: Hair Extensions Australia

6 Products Needed For Lace Wigs

When wearing lace wigs there are certain products that you need to keep on hand. Having these products on hand is important because without them you will not be able to properly apply or style your lace wig. Properly applying and styling your lace wig is important because it prevents your lace wig from being detected by others, but also helps you look and feel your best.

Here is a brief look at the six products that you need for your lace wig, and why you need them.

1. Rat Tail Comb – In order to style your wig you will need to have a rat-tail comb. The rat-tail comb is perfect for braiding your lace wig because it allows you to evenly part the hair where it is needed. The sturdy plastic comb is also bendable, so it can be used to help create a variety of styles, and the thin teeth can be used to help gently comb down those stray hairs. The rat-tail comb is also useful for applying your lace wig with adhesive, makes the process a lot less messy.

2. Black or nude wig cap – A wig cap is needed so you can easily hide your own hair, but can also help to protect your own hair from breaking. The wig cap can also help keep your lace wig cleaner because it prevents your hair from transferring oils onto the wig. When choosing a wig cap you want either black or nude, what color you select is going to depend on your skin tone and the hair color of the wig.

3. Wig Glue – In order to secure your lace wig to your hairline you will need wig glue. What kind of glue you use will depend on your specific lifestyle, as well as how long you plan to wear the wig.

4. Wig Glue Remover – In order to remove your lace wig without damaging it you will need wig glue remover. There are many different solvents to choose from, but you can also use isopropyl alcohol. The wig glue remover will also be used when applying the wig to help remove any excess solvent that appears.

5. Silk Scarf – Once you have put the lace wig on and have gotten it perfectly in place you will want to use a silk scarf to hold the hair in place. The silk scarf will be placed gently over the hair and then tied in place for at least 15 to 20 minutes, giving the glue a chance to dry.

6. Ceramic Flat Iron or Curling Iron – When styling lace wigs a ceramic flat iron or round curling iron is going to be needed to get the look you desire. Styling a lace wig made from human hair is just like styling your own hair, so in either case a ceramic flat iron or curling iron is going to be best because of how it distributes heat. The ceramic irons distribute heat evenly, plus it heats up rather quickly.

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