5 Benefits of Human Hair Extensions

28 October; Author: Hair Extensions Australia

5 Benefits of Human Hair Extensions

Article by Paul Allan Hairdressing

When you are looking for hair extensions that will last, any hairdresser will tell you that human hair extensions are the best choice for durability and superior quality but there are many added benefits if you know the right kind of hair to choose.Achieve Long Locks – If like many women your hair grows very slowly and never seems to reach any great length without breaking, you could benefit from human hair extensions that come in a range of lengths to suit your preference. They can either be bonded to your natural hair or clipped in to give you more to play with so you can experiment with new styles.Pump Up the Volume – Many women suffer from thinning hair either due to age, over styling, low blood pressure or just naturally occurring flatter hair. You can bulk up your bouffant with natural human hair extensions which add volume from the root down.Hair that Lasts – Some poor-quality extensions are synthetic and can fade with time or matt and tangle with your natural hair but with real human extensions you can guarantee they will last for longer as their natural protective layers keep your locks loose and shiny.Protect Your Hair – If you have weak hair or are worried about damaging your hair with the addition of extensions there is a solution. Choose a reputable salon that stocks Great Lengths extensions which use a gentle modulating method of bonding which protects your hair unlike some harsh glue, adhesives and knotting methods.High Grade Hair – If you choose to human hair extensions you must ensure that they are of good quality so that they will last. Poor quality extensions from Europe and China are not suitable for quality hair extensions. If you source your extensions from a reputable retailer they will tell you that high-grade Indian temple Remi hair is the only suitable acceptable human hair for extension use as the cuticle layers all face the same direction which prevents tangling.If you are looking for high-quality human hair extensions, Remi hair and Indian temple hair you can find it all at Paul Allen Hairdressing. This professional and well-experienced salon supplies a range of hair extensions including Great Lengths superior quality human hair. To find out more please visit the Paul Allen Hairdressing website.

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