12 Bad Habits That Prevent Natural Black Hair Growth and Why It Happens

24 August; Author: Hair Extensions Australia

12 Bad Habits That Prevent Natural Black Hair Growth and Why It Happens

The most common 12 bad habits that prevent black hair from growing are the number one destroyers when it comes to growing black hair.  Almost everyone has some type of habit or has used some type of product that has produced a negative effect on their hair.  Bad habits are hard to break, and there are a number of them that prevent black hair from growing at a steady pace.

1.  Hair Pulling:  Hair pulling is a bad habit and a tough habit to break for those like myself who are afflicted with it.  Hair pulling often comes from some type of traumatic event that may have occurred early on in life, and pulling the hair was a way to cope with the stress as it provided some source of comfort.  I have lived with hair pulling since I was a child, but now whenever I get the urge to pull my hair, I stop myself and focus on the goal I wish to achieve, which is to have long beautiful waist length hair.  I can assure you if you continue to pull your hair, you are not going to meet this goal no matter how good it feels to pull your hair.

2.  Alopecia and Nervousness:  Alopecia is a disorder often caused by nerves or stress characterized by a circular pattern of baldness usually on the top of the head.  Alopecia is treated with injections directly into the scalp in the affected area.  I have never had Alopecia, but I will admit that during stressful times in my life, my nerves have gotten the best of me which resulted in lots of hair combing out.  Until you gain control of your stress, whether it is treated with medication or by a more natural way which is exercise, your hair will suffer greatly.

3.  Sickness:  If you have to go to the hospital and you are prescribed multiple medications for an extended period of time, it can really wreak havoc on your hair, leave your hair in an unhealthy state, and can actually take your hair out resulting in thinness and severe hair loss.  It usually takes a long time for the hair to recover from this ordeal, but with time and patience, your hair should be back to normal and in good shape.


4.  Infrequent Washing:  If the hair is not washed often (at least once a week), the hair becomes stale smelling and takes a long time to show any signs of growth.  By not washing the hair often on a regular basis, you are depriving your hair of the following:  (a) good blood circulation to the scalp, and (b) adequate moisture to the hair which are essential in fast hair growth.

5.  Harsh Non-Hydrating Shampoos Loaded with Sulfates:  Some people think the more suds a shampoo has, the cleaner your hair will become.  That is not true.  In fact, shampoo that is very soapy has a tendency to dry out the hair and rob it if the necessary oils needed to promote black hair growth.  The best thing to use is a sulfate-free shampoo which will effectively clean the hair without drying it out. 

6.  Not Enough Moisture:  Black hair dries out quickly, so it is important to apply cream and spray moisturizers at least twice a day to keep the hair well conditioned, which will make it less likely to break off.  Co-washing, which is washing with a conditioner, is also a good way to keep moisture locked in.

7.  Unsafe Hair Dyes and Frequent Use of Dyes:  Dyes that are unsafe are those that contain ammonia which is a very harsh chemical that can lead not only to hair loss if used often, but can also cause serious disease like cancer.

8.  Too Much Heat:  Too much heat can literally fry black hair, particularly in young women who seem to think that using a flat iron every single day is absolutely necessary!  They don’t realize how much damage they are doing to their hair.  I recommend only applying this type of heat once a week.  In order to preserve your style, if your hair is long enough, wrap it at night so that you don’t feel the need to use the flat iron on it again the next day, or wear protective styles if at all possible during the week.

9.  Use of the Wrong Fashion Accessories:  Any hair accessory such as a barrette that has a metal clasp is capable of breaking the hair off because the hair will always get caught inside the clasp  when trying to remove it.  Whenever possible, search for accessories that have plastic clasps and those barrettes that are made with satin backing.  These types will cut down on hair breakage tremendously.  I know for a fact that Target carries a lot of satin barrettes that won’t tear your hair out.

10.  Excessive Handling of the Hair:  The rule of thumb is that if your hair is long, use protective styles during the week saving the more elaborate or free-flowing hairstyles for the weekend.  If your hair is short, use a simple style such as an afro with or without a part in it, or frame your afro with a pretty scarf or head band.  Simple styles when your hair is short during the grow-out phase will help prevent breakage.  Save the twists and braid-outs for when your hair has gotten longer (at least 6 months out from your big chop).

11.  Use of the Wrong Styling Tools:  To comb afro-textured hair with a fine-toothed comb in its natural shrunken state is a crime because it rips and tears out the hair.  Always use a wide-toothed comb and moisture the hair first.  This will help the comb glide through the hair better.  If you use a pick to pick out your fro, picks with metal prongs are bad for the hair as they tend to shred the hair.  Using a plastic pick is much better and causes far less damage to the hair.

12.  Wigs and Weaves:  The use of wigs and weaves during the grow-out phase only suffocates the scalp and does not permit adequate air to get to the scalp for fast growth.  Also, when you are wearing a wig or a weave, there is less of a chance that you will be massaging your scalp, and scalp massage is a necessary part for hair growth.  Your hair and scalp need to breathe, and they cannot do so if they are continually covered up.

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Tracey M. Kramer is a graduate of Kent State University with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Office Administration.  She is a mother of two, an expert author and article writer who enjoys writing about crafts, personal growth and health issues. 

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