10 Tips for Everlasting Human Hair Wigs

30 March; Author: Hair Extensions Australia

10 Tips for Everlasting Human Hair Wigs

Human hairs are like fingertips, no two people have exact hair type. Usually wigs are not single drawn, i.e. human hair used to make hair extensions are not taken from one person. Though the common notion is that single drawn human hair wigs are better than double drawn for uniformity in color and texture but it is not always the case.

There is no guarantee that all single drawn hair is healthy, rather it is recommended to go for double drawn hair wigs with high quality cuticle hair. Moreover, manufacturers do a fairly decent job in putting together most identical hair types.

When shopping for wigs and hairpieces, find a hair shop that offers a huge variety of hair accessories. Human hair wigs are much more expensive than the synthetic ones as they offer a more natural appearance. While the finest hairs for wigs are human hair, they are equally difficult to maintain and style. Proper care is the key to extending the life of your human hair wigs. 

1.    Make sure that you hair is clean every time before you put on a wig.
2.    To protect your wig from appearing oily or dirty, you must timely wash them.
3.    Always remove tangles from wig before washing them as it might result in hair breakage. Use a wig pick for curly/wavy hair or a wig brush for straight hair wigs.
4.    Never use cheap shampoos as they tend to contain more detergent and will dry out the hair.
5.    Evenly distribute shampoo and conditioner and wash it out diligently to keep the hair hanging loose.
6.    Use a gentle towel to remove the excess water from the wig. Place it back on wig stand and let air dry.
7.    You can blow dry your human hair wigs if you need to wear it immediately.
8.    Avoid using excess heat as it might harm the texture in long run.
9.    Comb or brush gently through the wig and style using hot curling iron or rollers.
10.    Most hair extensions are processed. For this reason, it is not recommended to color them as additional chemicals can make them fizzy, dull and difficult to manage.

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