10 Steps to Extending the Life of Your Human Hair Extensions

15 August; Author: Hair Extensions Australia

10 Steps to Extending the Life of Your Human Hair Extensions

Article by C. Brown

10 Steps to Extending the Life of Your Human Hair Extensions.For those of us that wear hair extensions it is well known that more than just a pretty penny can go into finding good quality hair. When we do find the type we like, we want to extend the life of the hair for as long as possible. With the 10 steps below I will show how IT IS possible to keep your extensions looking fresh for months and months.1) Use A Mild Shampoo. Shampoos with a PH balance that is slightly acidic works well for human hair extensions. Clear, clarifying shampoos once a month remove dirt and oil build up. This build up causes extensions to become stiff and fake in appearance.

Don’t be afraid to use THE GOOD STUFF. If you are using quality human hair, it responds just as your own growing hair does to good, non-stripping shampoos and deep conditioning treatments. Be sure to avoid applying conditioner to the scalp where extensions are attached to your own hair. This prevents loosening and slipping.

2) Comb Wet Hair Extensions Gently with a wide toothed comb and NEVER brush or stretch the strands of hair while wet. Remove tangles gently. Stretched hair will lose it’s natural texture pattern and become frizzy.

Also, air drying is best the best way to maintain a smooth texture and avoid fly-away frizzy hair. Limit blow drying.

3) Comb Straight Hair Out and allow to dry while straight and then flat iron or curl.

Apply mousse or alcohol free styling gel to curly or wavy hair while wet to emphasise pattern. Do not brush this type of hair while wet. Use a large tooth comb.

4) If you must blow dry use the lowest setting. Never over dry hair until it is hard. Avoid prolonged drying directly on the extension attachment, however, make sure that your scalp is dry to avoid fungal growth.

Gently shampoo running fingers through the hair. Cleanse the scalp with the pads of your finger tips. NEVER bunch all the hair together while shampooing.

5) Avoid prolonged sun exposure directly on your extensions. Do not allow chemically treated pool water to remain in hair. Both will cause dryness and damage.

6) Sleep on a satin pillowcase or wear a satin scarf while sleeping. Cotton pillow cases dries out hair and makes the ends ragged and split.

7) Use Non Oily Moisturisers. Do not allow products to build up on the extensions. A gentle shampoo bi-weekly works well.

8) Gather hair nightly into large braids or twists. Make braids only tight enough to not unravel during the night useless you are seeking a wavy set.

9) Never Sleep On Wet Hair. Make sure that your hair is completely dry before going to bed. Sleeping on wet extensions will matte and tangle them.

10. Wear extensions only as long as recommended according to the technique used to apply them. Longer wear will damage your natural growing hair.

You may,however, remove your extensions and reuse the hair on your next hair style saving lots of time and money.

By following the above tips you will not only extend the life of your extensions but you will keep them looking fresh and beautiful the entire time.

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